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The Others: Immortals Book 1 is now Published!

Talus has failed at everything except the one thing he never should have succeeded at. His fear of death led him to create an immortality serum that plunged the world into a war it can’t survive. Now the few remaining humans hide in underground bunkers while they try to avoid extermination by an immortal army that marches across the surface. Talus knows the immortals must be stopped, but he needs help from the only people who have managed to fight them off, the humans.
Anya is a human ranger, spending her days patrolling the area around her hidden base. She feels like she’s little more than an early warning system. She wants a life free from rules, restrictions and almost certain death at the hands of an immortal. So, when an immortal contacts the base asking for help, Anya wants to trust him. But her commander forbids all contact; interacting with immortals has only ever ended in death. To disobey a direct order would mean getting expelled from the only base willing to take her in after her past. Yet Anya can’t help but think humanity could use the help of an immortal. Maybe he knows a way to kill an immortal or at least stop them. But can she risk the only home and friends she has to find out?
Anya and Talus are about to find out there is more than one side to the battle they are about to fight and it’s not only the Immortals who can’t be trusted.

So pleased to announce the release of my first book!

You can read it for free through Kindle Unlimited, for $4.99 for the kindle version or $12.00 for the paperback.

You can also go to this link and get yourself an autographed paperback copy!

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