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Talus and Cary the College Years/365 Days of Writing

“But why is his brain green?

“I see what you mean about the enlarged vessels and there is something strange about the cerebral cortex.” Talus continue his conversation with his assistant too lost in his own train of thought to listen to Cary’s inquiry.

Cary had come to visit his friend and maybe get turned down for lunch when he happened to see what Tlaus and his undergraduate lab assistant where looking at. Mounted within what looked like a slab of glass was a slice of someone or something’s brain. Cary added something because while the brain had the shape of a human brain – it was quite distinctly green.

“Perhaps the abnormalities can be attributed to a blood pressure issue or an aneurysm?” The assistant offered. Cary rolled his eyes, even as an environmental scientist he knew that theory was flawed. Not in the least of which because none of that would Turn A Brain Green!

“No that’s not right. I do like your ability to think in the abstract for a possible solution.” Talus never took his eyes off the brain as he spoke.

Cary suppressed a chuckle. He had learned long ago that Talus praising someone for “thinking in the abstract” was really a secret way of calling their idea stupid.

Cary couldn’t help but wonder once again the brain slice looked like some alien -human hybrid. Maybe they had found aliens on Mars and no one thought to mention it.


Talus turned away from the brain – was it glowing? No of course it wasn’t glowing. That wasn’t possible right? But then green brains weren’t possible either were they?

“Cary! Sorry I didn’t hear you come in. We were just discussing the malformations of this brain slice. It’s for a research project. Did you come to ask me to lunch? I am a bit hungry.”

Oh sure, today he’s free for lunch. That’s cool. But HE’S MISSING THE POINT.

“Why the HELL is it Green??” and glowing. Cary didn’t say the last part aloud because he was 90% certain that part was just in his head.

“Oh…you know what? I hadn’t even noticed. That is odd.”

Cary glared at his friend and roommate thinking of all the ways to get back at him as he slept.

“Haha. Very funny. Now tell me why the damn thing is green we’ll be seeing the inside of your brain very soon.”

Talus laughed. “Come on lets go to lunch.” He put his arm around Cary’s shoulder.

Cary refused to budge. “Why.” Cary spoke slowly rage bubbling just below the surface. “Is. The. Brain. Green?”

Talus opened his mouth.

“I swear to whatever Gods or aliens out there, if the next words out of your mouth are not an explanation I’m dissecting you myself and we both know how bad I am at dissection.”

Talus looked from Cary to the brain and back again. Seemingly mulling his options. He threw his hands up. “Just a side effect from the dye used during testing on the subject. Nothing interesting. Just a brain the color of lucky clover marshmallow.”

“You son of a bitch.” Not only did Talus refuse to answer him for so long but he had to ruin his favorite cereal. He’d never be able to eat his Lucky Charms again.

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