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Swear Quotes Contest

Okay so because History of Swear Words is awesome and because our own beloved Cary in the Immortals series LOVES to swear (I actually lost count of how many different swear words he uses) I thought we’d embrace other authors who don’t shy away from the F-word or the B-word and we’ll even take authors who use more unique words like Frell (bonus points if you can name the show).

We’ll make all the entries look pretty and post them on our twitter and our blog and our Facebook page.

We’ll give out one gift card to the post with the most likes (combining FB and Twitter likes) and one to the quote we just like best. Depending on the response we might even decide to do a few more winners.

Here’s the rules: The quote MUST come from a published book (Indie or traditional). We will verify this either by contacting the author or reading the book or by other means. If you’re an author you can of course submit a quote from your own book (It’s a great way to get some exposure!)

Images will be posted as soon as we create them and once the contest closes we’ll share them again to get them a second viewing. So the sooner you get your entry in the more time you have to get those votes in!

You are free to like and share your own quotes. We are totally fine with that.

Bonus: Everyone that enters will get a free ebook copy of “The Others” Book 1 of the Immortals series so you can relish in the number of times Cary swears.

Deadline to Enter: January 22nd.

Voting/Judging Ends: January 31st.

Winners Annouced: February 2nd.

So fill out the form, be added to our mailing list to get updated on future contests and book releases. Your information will not be given to anyone else and you won’t get more than one email a week…and knowing how bad we are about sending emails unless we have something really cool to say, it’ll be more like once a month.

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