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Behind the Scenes of Writing The Others

I’ve been toying with this idea of immortality being a curse for a long time. I’ve taken in so many different ways but in every version, there was always a tormented Talus who lost his love because he was so afraid of death. In every version, there was an Anya who was not afraid to fight and to live and to die for what she believed in.
I remember storyboarding this on the whiteboard of my English class in high school. I would use it as a backdrop for creative writing assignments in college. I turned it into a television series and wrote the pilot for my screenwriting class (which ended up creating an amazing monologue from Anya)

What I’ve got for you today are notes that led to the book in its current form. Later I’ll show you my notecards from when I turned it into a television show and I’ll post that monologue from Anya. I’ll even post other things I come across as I’ve toyed with this idea for so long. Bare with the handwriting I know it’s awful. Just comment if there’s anything you want me to decipher for you or if you have any questions!

Talus beginning character sheet
Anya Character Notes
Cary Notes
Ryan Notes
Notes on Humans Anya has interacted with
Notes on the Bad Immortals
Notes on Good Immortals
Notes on Lily (who was originally Annie)
Notes on Captain Tennant
Random Lines I thought of using in the book
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