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The Cult Created by the Most Arrogant Man in History – No Not That One.

He had his own theory on physics, he created the first commercial airliner, he was a professional baseball player, publisher, writer, and founder of the University of Lawsonomy

Okay guys are you ready for this? Make sure your arms and legs are inside the car at all times and your safety belt is secured. We’re going on a journey and just when you think it can’t go more off the rails…it does and then it does again.

So the story starts with Alfred Lawson. He was born in 1869 in London and just about everything that is known about his early life comes from a play he wrote about it. The highlights are that he was brilliant and he only went to school until the 6th grade. If you want a clearer picture of how this play might go into Lawson’s life, he believed that the day of his birth was one of the most important days of all humanity. (Just to be absolutely clear, he believed his birth was going to be the turning point of the whole human race).

So beyond a healthy ego there isn’t much that seems off about Lawson’s life as a young man. He was a professional ball player for a time in the major leagues before taking a step back working as a manager for the minor leagues. He actually spread the game of baseball to parts of the world that had never played the game before.

His life took a new turn 1908. He had just started his own baseball league but financial difficulties had it shut down. But then he saw the Wright brothers fly and found a new direction in life. He started the magazine Fly in 1908 which provided articles about innovators in aircraft. He firmly believed that one day there would be commercial aircraft that would fly people around the country and that airplanes would change warfare forever.

He was right of course and he played a huge role in making that happen. He coined the phrase “airliner” and built the first airplane that could hold and transport numerous passengers. The Lawson L-2 could transport 18 people and made headlines when it completed a 2,000 mile multi-city tour. It was this plane that allowed him to secure funding to build a 26 passenger plane.

The problem was Lawson was all about going bigger instead of staying with what worked. He had a working 18 passenger plane but instead of building more, he took it apart to try and build his 26 passenger plane. Despite years of trying he could never get the larger plane to work and eventually lost his funding.

Between his failed projects and the depression, Lawson was unable to secure funding to get his ideas for planes off the ground. Not even his 56 passenger Super Lawson (which one wonders why he would keep trying to make a bigger plane when the 26 passenger plane crashed on its first attempt at flight).

So with a struggling ecocnomy and a failed business, Lawson turned to a new endeavor. This time he wanted to go after the financiers for ruining the economy and creating a situation that would lead to the downfall of America.

He proposed the idea of Direct Credits which would abolish interest and taxes and put the government in charge of all money. He decided that the government should just pay everyone directly and there would no longer be the private manipulation of money. It was an idea that was supposed to get rid of the banks that Lawson blamed for the Great Depression.

Lawsonomy' in Springfield | SangamonLink

With so many out of work the idea of Direct Credits had great appeal and spread quickly. Lawson began teaching classes on the subject not only to adults but to children as well. in the 1930s he had a following that was rapidly growing.

Lawson was happy to tell his followers that his intellect was beyond that of anyone else’s. That only once every 2,000 years did a teacher like him come along with the express purpose of moving the human race forward. He believed that man was meant to live in the sky and that eventually there would be an evolved human race that lived permanently in the air.

If you think we’ve hit the strange stuff yet, just give that seatbelt an extra tug because we’re getting ready to get into a deep dive of crazy.

University of Lawsonomy

University of Lawsonomy (Des Moines, Iowa) | Des moines, Iowa, Society

Direct Credits lasted about as long as the depression. Once the depression ended and people had jobs again the idea of Direct Credits was no longer that appealing. But Lawson did have a dedicated group of followers and so he decided that he needed to expand on his ideals and unveil his entirely philosophy and he created Lawsonomy.

Now crazy like this doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. No Lawson had this craziness in him his whole life. It was in 1904 well before he got into aviation and before the end of his baseball career that he published Born Again. Which was a utopian style novel but which presented ideas that were the entire basis for his Lawsonomy philosophy and curriculum. (It’s about now that you’re thinking a whole cult based off a novel…that sounds a bit like Scientology. Yes….yes it does and we’ve just gotten started).

Okay so here’s Lawson. He’s failed at baseball. He’s failed at being an airline manufacturer. And now he’s losing steam with his Direct Credits, except for the most devoted (they were still singing the songs yes there were songs, lots of them). So Lawson decided that he needs to start teaching his entire philosphy, that will get people behind Direct Credits and everything else and finally get the simpletons around him to evovle. (If you think this sounds insulting it is…and his followers would actually apologize for their inability to evolve and get on his level).

He decides to buy a defunct university in Des Moines. He fences it off and makes it his own little compound of teaching. His devoted followers come and followers from all over send their kids to go learn from him. This actually causes several issues. 1. People seemed to be sending their kids that were troublesome and they didn’t always seem to want them back. 2. The kids were expected to do all the jobs around the University and this made people think it was violating child labor laws.

But whatever. It’s fine. Totally fine. So the school starts working off this curriculum. This curriculum is mapped out to take 30 years in order to get you to an evolved enough state to be a teacher of Lawsonomy. (Getting that Scientology twinge again aren’t you?)

This curriculum gave you strict rules for how to live, explained how everything in the universe worked, that physics was a matter of suck and blow and that the astronomy we’ve all been taught is wrong. (Space isn’t empty, the Earth exists because of suction, nothing moves in a circle or a straight line, it’s all a zig zag and swirl).

Alright guys time to get out the shoulder harness because it’s time to dive into your University of Lawsonomy curriculum. (Got 30 years to spare?)

Lawsonomy Explained (sorta)

So everything in life is explained by 47 principles that are explained in dozen of books written by Lawson. The good news is that if you are accepted to study at the University of Lawsonomy tuition is completely free. (However if you plan to teach at the University your pay is exactly the same as what you paid to study). Only men were allowed to study at the University and they were accepted to 10-year periods (so you’d have to accepted three times until you were able to teach…for free).

Congrats! You’ve been accepted! Now what? Well you read. And then you read. And you read some more. Pretty much all of the curriculum was just reading Lawson’s books until you had them memorized (you could only teach by repeating his works word for word).  If you got bored and wanted something else to read…your only option was another of Lawson’s books. No other books were allowed to be read by students, not even basketball statistics.

1977 Lawsonomy Students Reunion Program | Student, Reunion, Programming

You would also be reading all of Lawson’s speeches so that you could repeat them word for word. If you were sent out to one of the bureaus around the country to spread the good word of Lawsonomy you had to be able to repeat Lawson word for word on every subject. If you’re wondering how you are supposed to keep up with your studies while Lawson has you traveling…don’t worry most of it involves home study of the books. (Gotta imagine at some point these poor people had to hate the sight of those books).

With nothing else to do it’s no wonder so many songs were written to sing. After all what else did they have to do. So part of your studies would be learning lots of anthems and songs to sing in praise of all the great things you were learning. Marriage and family was not exactly something that Lawson was in great support of but he would grand permission to some followers to wed. But marriage and family were of little importance in the great cause of converting followers. At times Lawson would order married couples to bureaus in separate states and send their children off to be raised by their grandparents. At times he also made his followers change their names. Be prepared if you are a student at the University or a follower, everything you do is controlled by Lawson. It was all for the good of humanity for promoting the ideals of Lawsonomy.

What was it exactly? Okay so you’ve already been acquainted with the idea that government should control all distribution of money. So every business just sends their money to the government and then waits for the government to send their allotted funds. This works as such for all economics. The government controls the money entirely.

Now onto science! Yes Science…sorta. There were explanations and rules for everything. Lawson believed that he would live to be at least 200 following his own tenets. This included 11 hours of rest in a 24-day. So as a Lawsonomy student you would sleep for 8 hours a night. Then you would nap or relax for 30 minutes after breakfast and lunch. Then you would have an hour of rest after dinner. You would also be expected to rest five minutes out of every hour. There definitely was at least one good thing about Lawsonomy…plenty of sleep!

Now that you’re well rested it’s time to take the pill and see how far the wormhole goes. Now man is composed of cells and within these cells are quadrillions of living, working, thinking organisms that help to work toward making the body strong. These organisms are supported through eating raw foods and natural foods. (If you don’t like to cook this is a good for you.)

Something to keep in mind that all movement is a matter of penetrability. Meaning that movement occurs when something of a higher density is pulled through something of lower density. This is suction and pressure. (If you’re wondering females are suction, males are pressure. Males are pulled into the females and the females suck the sperm into themselves).

All physics and science in Lawsonomy deals with this matter of suction and pressure. So get used to that idea. And these tiny organisms that live within you? Not all of them are good. If you don’t follow the tenets of Lawsonomy you might get the bad sort of tiny organisms and these wreck havoc on your life. (They aren’t called thetans though…in case you’re keeping track on your Scientology scorecard there).

All things we need to survive is sucked into us by internal suction and all waste is sucked out of us through external suction. This relates to everything in the universe. The Earth was formed by sucking in things it needs and having it’s waste products sucked out it. Man and all vegetation is actually formed from the waste products of Earth. All planets work this way. Everything in space also moves on basis of penetrability, of denser objects moving through less dense objects.

However, nothing in space moves in orbits or straight lines, that’s impossible in space. In fact the movement of anything relies on the movement of everything else. This means that things in space move in a sort of zig-zig-swirl rather than anything else you may have been taught.

God has created everything in terms of Equaeverpoise in which nothing is wasted. All waste products of one thing in the universe are used by another thing in the universe.

If you’re confused and have no idea what’s going on. It obviously means you just haven’t evolved to the level of Lawson yet and you need to spend more time reading and studying to move up the ranks in terms of your evolution. There are people who will evolve if they follow Lawsonomy, those who reject Lawsonomy will not move forward with humanity. Lawson firmly believed that by the year 2000 the world would be living according to his tenets and that his philosophy would be adopted everywhere…including Direct Credits.

If you’re studying at the University you live there or you might be sent to other bureaus throughout the country to spread the world while continuing studies. You are never paid for anything you do but you are given food and whatnot to keep you alive but you are subservient to the group.

End of the University

If you’re wondering how all this is paid for…all these people learning and traveling and spreading the word of Lawsonomy. You’re not the only one. The government wanted to know too. They especially wanted to know after Lawson bought up tons of post-war surplus as educational materials for the school. This surplus was later sold at a huge profit. This along with, lets face it, all the weirdness about the school made the IRS reconsider the tax-exempt status the university had. Despite the best efforts of Lawson and his followers to prove that the school really was a school and they had no idea what money they made from the sales (they actually probably didn’t they kept horrible records) the government pulled the tax-exempt status. In fact they pulled so hard, they demanded ten years of back taxes claiming the school never should have had tax exempt status.

The massive tax bill came in at over $350,000 and was more than Lawson could pay. He was forced to sell the university. Lawson and his followers then moved to a farm that the group owned in Wisconsin and tried to continue life as best they could there. For awhile now Lawson’s group had diminished down to only the most devout followers. All others had either left the insanity or been forced out by Lawson.

These people stayed even as Lawson decided to turn his philosophy into a full blown religion leading to many small churches popping up to spread the world of Alfred Lawson. His followers began to worship as some sort of messiah and if they didn’t understand what he preached they just assumed it was because they weren’t yet evolved enough.

Lawson passed away in November of 1954 and left not real plans for who would take over for him. There was a board that was supposed to control things but without a strong leader the group began to fall apart. One of Lawson’s most devout followers, Merle Hayden, who had been with Lawson for decades started to emerge as a leader. He was dedicated to the cause and fully lived the teachings of Lawson. He would do anything to spread the word that he believed in so much. However the board felt that he was taking their power and therefore they voted him out of the group.

Despite this Merle Hayden continued to advocate for Lawsonomy until his own death at the age of 96 in 2017. It showed just how devout Lawson’s followers were and how much they truly believed in his teachings.

For many years the massive sign for the University of Lawsonomy was an icon in Wisconsin along with a building that had “Study Natural Law” on its roof. Today the farmland is no longer the home of Lawsonomy followers and only a few scattered groups remain. Merle Hayden was responsible for perhaps the biggest repository of Lawsonomy records and before he death he donated all of them.

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