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About Emma Wolf

Emma Wolf lives in Florida with her husband, two kids and a slew of animals that currently includes seven cats, six fish, two frogs, two hermit crabs, and a gecko.

She has been writing for as long as she can remember and has always been creating stories of characters that face tough situations that make their true qualities come out. One of the earliest stories she can remember is a girl raising her young brother after her parents death at the hands of the mob. Of course, the girl was also training to fight the mob just like her parents in a secret she kept from her brother. It was a mess and full of drama but definitely never stopped her love of writing.

In high school, fanfiction became something she loved and wrote stories about Sailor Moon, Lord of the Rings and Invader Zim. There was an entire story where the one ring was stolen by a squirrel…she was an odd duck.

But high school was also where the Immortals series got its start and over years of starts, restarts, and revisions it has reached the level it has now become. In college, as a Creative Writing major, Anya and Talus would frequently make appearances in assignments, including a television screenplay of the pilot episode for screenwriting class.

After college Emma started a family and found work as a freelance writer when her life of raising two amazing children allowed the time. There was also plenty of time pushed into finally bringing the Immortals series to life!

There are also plenty more stories to come like Curse of the Ancients, The Unfortunate Adventures of Prince Charming and more!